Corruption in Public life

Corruption in Public life

Independence ushered an era of development in the history of our nation. Large dams, steel plants multipurpose projects and large scale public sector undertakings came into being. As a result huge funds were needed. Huge amount of money fell into the hands of politicians, their henchmen an men. This created countless opportunities for corruption. But a common the street did not know what was happening in the corridors of power.

Contracts and licences were sanctioned to the relatives, friends & those close to the ruling party. The dream of freedom had turning sour when politicians shunned morality in public life. In fact value base politics was given a good bye. The bureaucracy joined in merry making and minted money at their will. Those who were willing to do the bidding of the politicians grew richer. Prime lands in the Capital were allotted to them, In fact the Looting and plundering started the day India won freedom. The so called freedom fighters turned into vultures living on the flesh of a poor man.

When the attention of the first Prime Minister J. L. Nehru was drawn to the misdeeds of the politicians and bureaucrats he brushed aside the hard tact, had just to say, that corruption is a world wide phenomenon. What a pity ! A nation at birth was mired in the muddy waters of corruption.

Apart from these political & economic changes, even the changed social values also contributed to the rampant corruption in the country. Lure or money, status and achievement of ends at every cost are some of the factors responsible for spreading corruption.

The worst kind of corruption has been in the form of scandals & defence scams It is the most shameful aspect of our national character. Bofors & Rafale scandal still remains unsolved. In response to this scandal the present opposition parties have invented coffin scandals to denigrate the ruling party.

In fact corruption is a multifaceted problem giving rise to a numberless social, economic political & moral crises in the society. Today politics is a , lucrative career. Individuals take to politics as a profitable career to secure easy money However, politics without ethics is a disaster. Today's leaders are hypocrites and have betrayed the country and the people. Immorality in politics has become so pervasive that a commonman has no social security, medical facilities, efficient public transport system and freedom from exploitation. Can this situation be rectified?

Where does the solution lie? Just as a country gets the government it deserves, similarly every country gets the leaders it deserves. After all the leaders are a part of our own society. Therefore, silence and indifference of the people would silently encourage corruption. They should rise to the occasion & demand a probe into their financial transactions that have made them billion┬Čaires. The system can be cleansed not by half hearted means. Each political party, leader, bureaucrat business man should be forced to give account for their financial status. Those found guilty should be legally punished and voted out of power. Let public should be the arbiter of the destiny of the people.

It is ostensible that no political leader is willing to show political will to bring the investigations to logical end. They can talk and indulge in breast beating but not expose the facts of corruption. The fact deserves the attention of the people as to how all the political parties got united in objecting to the verdict of the supreme court. They objected to filing the detail of their assets sources of incomes & their criminal records at the time of filing nominations. Worse, Judiciary itself is in collusion with corrupt politicians & bureaucrats. Criminals in public life are ruling the roost. In present circumstance no light is visible at the end of tunnel.