Violence in Society

Environmental Pollution

Man’s achievements in technology are indeed remarkable. But sadly they have contributed to spoiling the environment that sustains life. Man has changed the ecological balance at all levels. The term pollution refers to undesirable change in the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of air, water and soil that may harm our life and living conditions.

There are several types of pollution caused by man under the following heads :
(a) air pollution
(b) water pollution
(c) soil pollution
(d) noise pollution
(e) nuclear and chemical pollution

Air pollution may be defined as a release of any foreign material or gases in the atmosphere. They may prove harmful to man, animals and vegetation. Heat produced in various industries and domestic fires are responsible for the spread of carbon di-oxide, sulphur di-oxide, smoke and many other harmful^- - gases. Main pollutants produced by motor vehicles are lead compounds carbon- di-oxide, carbon mono-oxide and oxides of nitrogen. Smoke particles released in atmosphere result in air pollution. Green house effect is the main cause of deforestation. The rising level of gases in the atmosphere has had an impact on world's climate as well. The green house effect could lead to increase in global temperature of mean 3°C.

Water pollution is caused by the presence of some inorganic & organic foreign substances in the water that tend to degrade its quality. Lead pollutant causes congenital deformities and symptoms of many incurable diseases. Cad¬mium is responsible for kidney damage. Mercury in water results in large scale killing of fish & other animals. Untreated sewage discharged into the rivers . pollutes the water. Waste from atomic reactors and agricultural waste material is very serious cause of water pollution.

The major sources of soil pollution are the industries such as pulp and paper mills, oil refineries, chemical and fertilizer pollutants. Modern agricul¬ture, primarily depends upon chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides etc. Most of these are stable chemicals and remain present in the soil for a long period. These not only kill the living organisms present on the surface of the soil but also reach even the deeper layers through tilling and irrigation of the land.

In the mad rush for progress modern civilization has also caused noise pollution. Noise above 85-90 decibels is considered dangerous. According to western scientists noise pollution will be the biggest killer and the number one cause of diseases in the 21st century. The use of high sounding generators, release of undesirable gases and amount of noise in our metropolitan cities have raised volume of noise up to 100.10 decibels.

Ozone layer around the earth serves as an important purpose. It absorbs the harmful ultra-violet rays coming from the sun. But the reduction of this vital layer should be the cause of serious worry for the people. Nuclear race is the most dangerous cause of destruction of mankind. Radiation caused by nuclear and chemical pollution has endangered human existence. The depletion of Ozone layer, the green house effect, acid rain, drought, floods, deforestation all these natural phenomena reflect human interference.

Man inherited beautiful earth. With the power of God in his hand he has destroyed healthy living conditions. Man must understand the judicious use of natural resources. He must be discriminating in choice between industrial progress and quality of life.