Human rights in India

Human rights in India

There is immortal human longing for freedom. It is free society in which conditions prevail ideally for man to enjoy rights. The state represents the sum of sacrifices which all its member make in renouncing part of their liberty for the common good. As a matter of fact the function of an ideal state is to impose minimum restrictions & safe guards the maximum liberties of the people. But in most of the states the autocratic regimes have shown no regard for the basic human rights. Take the examples of military rulers and dictators who treat the dignity of human life with contempt.

Fundamental rights to life, freedom and religion are guaranteed in our constitution. But it does not mean that the separatists, terrorists, criminals and fanatics should enjoy the cover of human rights. How does one expect to extend protection in the northern & eastern sectors of India? The problem of terrorism is therefore, peculiar to India. During the last 55 years, thousands of security forces personnel have lost their lives. Whenever government, kills the terrorists the media and the foreign government, jump at the throat of the govt. Should Indian government, grant human rights to those who have made the life of peace loving citizens akin to hell?

Let us talk about human rights in India in general. The main culprit is said to be the police. Their working still suffers from hang over of foreign rulers. They don't realize that they are social workers in uniforms. They are here to alleviate the sufferings of the helpless and the peace loving citizens. We have bitter experience about the custodial deaths and their insensitive approach to the basic problems of the peace loving citizens. Their nexus with criminals and corrupt politicians have virtually dehumanized the police force.

Violence against women is a slur on the cause of human rights. She is the worst victim of violence both in society and domestic fields. Rape, molestation, domestic violence and death on account of dowry system are the worst form of violation of human rights. The contempt against female gender is a denial of human rights to half of the population of the country.

The violation of human rights has many forms in India. Take the example of child labour. About 17 million children under the age of 14 are engaged as domestic servants, hotel boys and workers in hazardous factories. Is it not a blatant violation of human rights? The denial of education to them as promise in article 45 in our constitution is an open instance of violation of human rights.

However the constitution of National Human Rights Commission in 1993 is a landmark in the crusade to safe guard human rights. They have taken note of custodial deaths, fake encounters, rapes and sudden disappearances. As the commission is only an advisory body, its role is confined to only as an invesĀ¬tigating agency. What is needed is that it must be invested with powers to prosecute the culprits. Again this body should work to promote socio-economic justice. It would mitigate the sufferings of the people.

The improvement in the condition of human rights is possible only if people are educated and poverty is banished. For this purpose our corrupt politicians should be brought to book. In a peaceful and democratic society only enlightened electorate can do it. The patience of a common man should not be taxed beyond tolerance. Human Rights commission should act as a watch dog on bureaucracy and judiciary also. At the same time no law has ever alone solved any problem. Collective and conscious efforts of the people are called for to protect human rights of the people.