Letter about Discrimination in promotion policy towards women

Letter about Discrimination in promotion policy towards women

The President,
Women's Equality Forum,
5, Safdarjung Enclave,

New Delhi.
Feb. 25, 2019

The Chief Personnel Officer,
M/s Bharat Petroleum Company,
New Delhi.


Let me assure you at the outset that we have no intention to interfere in the official policy of promotion. Promotion is such a sensitive subject that promo┬Čtion to higher posts cannot be taken for granted. Promotions are based on merits and many other considerations that go a long way in determining the performance of any organization in the long run. We are writing to you because many instances have been brought to our notice, where gender bias is quite evident.

You don't, we feel, consider women fit for supervisory posts or in your views men are more capable of management of the company. At every cost the promotion policy for the last five years reflect your thinking that women are capable of only working at subordinate jobs.

Gender bias is self evident in your fecent promotion list issued by your organization. There is hardly any name of woman in the list. Your policy goes against all norms of equality among sexes. It is a pity that you think that women are not capable of devoting full time to their jobs on account of their domestic obligations.

In view of the foregoing impressions, we request you to change your promotion policy and give chance of promotion to women. They have proved their worth in every field. Why not in your organisation?

Thanking you and looking forward to an early reply,
Yours faithfully,

for Women's Equality Forum