Letter of complaint about supply of defective wrist watches

Letter of complaint about supply of defective wrist watches

M/s Time Centre,
Napier Road,

Our Ref : TC/NR/H-5
Your Ref : OS/TT/119 of March 20, 2019
April 10, 2019
M/s Oberoi Watches Ltd.,
Dear Sirs,

We have already taken delivery of the consignment of 150 wrist watches from M/s Jaipur Golden Transport Co. The payment has been duly made to the PNB, The Mall, Hyderabad for obtaining GR & other consignment documents.

On opening the package we were shocked to find that watches were not supplied according to the specifications mentioned in our order form. We had strictly instructed your sales Rep. not to supply the watches with golden frame & black dial because they are not popular with the customers here, Secondly we had never placed an order for watches in square & rectangular shape.

We regret carelessness on the part of your packaging department. Otherwise a company of repute such as yours is not expected to act in a careless manner.

There has never been any record of negligence during the last ten years we have been dealing with you.

You are requested to take prompt action in the matter as the festival season is very much on. Please send your senior representative to rectify the mistake. Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
for Time Center,