Write a letter to a friend who has been involved in an accident

Write a letter to a friend who has been involved in an accident

F - 35, Jamia Nagar,
New Delhi,
August 10, 2010

Dear Mohan ,

Yesterday I received a telephone from my brother informing me that you, your wife and your son met with an accident while travelling by car to Agra. It was indeed a shock and I could not sleep the whole night. I had asked my brother to keep me informed about your condition from time to time. I think he must be by your bed side in the hospital.

This morning I felt immensely relieved to hear from my brother that all of you are out of danger. In fact no serious injury has occurred. Mohit, your son must be in trauma at the horrible experience he went through in the accident. We should be grateful to God that all of you had a providential escape with no serious injury. My brother told me that your car collided with a truck that was standing by the road side. Trying to save a village boy running across the road, your car skidded off the road and hit the truck. You have been fortunate enough because the truck was not moving. I can guess that your car must have been slightly damaged.

It was also nice of the villagers to put you all in a tractor trolley and admit you to a near by nursing home of the city. This timely help has come as a miracle that saved all of you. I must say that the positive attitude of the villagers helped you to get emergency treatment so quickly. We may just call it a divine help.

My brother gave me detail of the accident. My mother and I will be leaving tomorrow to see for ourselves how you are improving. If you need anything from our side, please don't hesitate to tell my brother.
Praying to God for your speedy recovery,

Yours sincerely,