Write a letter to your friend explaining why you could not attend interview at Lucknow on account of a political rally

Write a letter to your friend explaining why you could not attend interview at Lucknow on account of a political rally. Describe how political rallies are the bane of Indian Politics

F - 35, Jamia Nagar,
New Delhi,
August 10, 2019

My Dear Raman ,

It was a great shock for me for not having been able to attend interview for the Subordinate Services Examination. Unfortunately, on the day of my interview a political rally was to be held. For this purpose private buses and public transport were engaged for taking to Lucknow those associated with the party.

When I reached the station I found that all the compartments of Nauchandi Express were over crowded. Even the reservation compartments were forcibly occupied. The people were huddled together and no one was allowed to enter. All were without tickets. Many genuine passengers were running in panic here and there. The policemen were looking on helplessly. All our entreaties fell on deaf years of the station authorities. The political leaders of the parties had occupied air conditioned compartments. If any genuine passenger tried to enter already over crowded compartments, they were resisted and threatened by the political leaders leading the flocks of people to Lucknow.

Political rallies have been in vogue since the Congress rule. Transporters, truck owners & railway department served the cause of party in power. The same tradition is still continuing. The whole city and the station were under virtual siege. Rallies are held by the political leaders and parties to show off their popularity. Those attending rallies are provided with free journey and free food. The leaders of the political parties in power show off their clout they enjoy with the administration. Even the railway personnel were mishandled by the rallyists. There was total chaos in the city and on the station. Slogan shouting mob posed danger to the safety of peaceful citizens.

The effects of such rallies need not be mentioned because they are well known. There is loss of crores of Rupees all over the country, the business and industrial units almost come to a stand still. I can well understand how the political parties are behaving irresponsibly, using the state money and machinery. What a corruption!

I do not know whom to approach for the redressal of my grievances. Will the SSC be considerate enough to announce another date for interview?
With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,