Report on Cyclonic storm

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Report on Cyclonic storm
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Ludhiana, June 5, 2022

A cyclonic storm struck the city and the adjoining areas last evening. For the last many days the mercury had shot up to 40°C and there was depression in the area. Official sources from the state capital Chandigarh said that the storm had lasted over 40 minutes blowing off a large number of houses. Approximately over 4000 people were rendered homeless. The eight villages were flattened by the cyclone. 35,000 farmers inhabiting these villages were taken unaware by the storm. Their mud houses and thatched roofs were blown off. In the city, 24 women were reported killed. The toll of death has been estimated at about 50 persons apart from a number of domestic animals. The strong winds raged at a speed of hundred kilometers per hour. The situation was further complicated when the city and the adjoining areas were lashed by heavy rains.

Official estimate confirmed that nearly 5000 people were affected by the storm. The rescue operation was hindered by torrential rain that accompanied the storm. Those injured by flying debris and falling of roofs were admitted to the various hospitals. Being a wedding period of the year many marriage processions underwent quite a heavy loss' in the form of lives and injuries. The cars and scooters were tossed up by speeding winds. Electricity and telephone lines snapped. The whole city was plunged in darkness. The traffic came to a stand still. In some places there was stampede causing panic in the city. When contacted, the D.M. Prabhat Kumar said that it would take 2 to 3 days to restore normal electric supply in view of the devastating damage.