Report on Vocational Education

As the correspondent of a local daily, write a report for the paper on need of vocational education in India.

Vocational Education

New Delhi, 10th July, 2022 (From Local Correspondent)

The Britishers provided us a very outdated and defective system of education. That system produces clerks and white collar job-seekers. India is facing a great problem of educated unemployment because of this educational system. After Independence many changes have taken place in our educational system.

The Kothari and Chattopadhaya Commissions have strongly recommended for the vocationalization of education. Many vocational schools or colleges find place in our society. Vocational Education helps us in controlling unemployment. Above all, vocational education gives us a sense of dignity of labour. We can stand on our foot without feeling any work ignoble. It is a high time that Government and our society should come forward to open more and more such vocational institutions, so that the youth do not feel frustrated after completion their studies and get employment or can start their own ventures.