United Nations

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United Nation

» The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization to promote the international co-operation.
» The name 'United Nations' was adopted of the suggestion of the then US President F.D. Rooswelt.
» To prepare the format of the UN, a meeting of representatives prominent countries held from 21st August to 7th October, 1944 a Dumbarton Ox building in Washington.
» The UNO was formed on the 24th October 1945.
» At present 192 countries are members of the UN. Monte Negro is the latest (192nd) member.
» The UN Charter came into force on 24 October 1945, when the Governments of China, France, U. K., Soviet Union and the U. S. A. and a majority of other counties had ratified it.
» The preamble to the Character was the work of Field Marshal Smuts.
» The Head Quarter of the UN is situated in New York (USA).
» John D Rockfeller had donated 17 acres of land in Manhutton island, on which a 39 storeyed secreatriates building of UN has been constructed.
» The main office of the UN was built in 1952, where the first meeting of the General Assembly was held in 1952.
» The UN Charter is the Constitution of the UN. It contains the aim and objectives of the UN and the rules and regulations for achieving these aims and purposes.
» International Court of Justice sits at The Hague (Netherlands), while all other organs of the UN are situated in New York (USA).
» The Security Council consists of 15 members, each of which has one representative and one vote.
» There are 5 permanent and 10 non-permanent members of the SC. The non-permanent members are elected for a 2 year term by two thirds majority of the GA.
» The five permanent members areā€”USA, Russia, UK, France and China.
» Only the permanent members have the right to 'veto' .

Flag of the United Nation

White UN emblem (two bent olive branches open at the top and in between them is world map) on a light blue background.

Languages of the United Nation

The official languages of the UN are :
» English
» French
» Russian
» Arabic
» Chinese
» Spanish
But the working Languages are English and French only.

Major Organs of the United Nation

» General Assembly (GA)
» Security Council (SC)
» Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
» Trusteeship Council (TC)
» International Court of Justice
» The Secretariat

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