Important Monuments / Structuse of the worlds

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Important Monuments

Monuments / Structure Country
Taj Mahal India (Agra)
The Leaning Tower of Pisa Italy
Imperial Palace Japan (Tokyo)
Statue of Liberty U.S.A. (New York)
Opera House Australia (Sydney)
Eiffel Tower France (Paris)
Great Wall China
Kremlin Russia (Moscow)
Parthanon Greece (Athens)
Pyramid Egypt (Giza)
Wailing Wall Jerusalem

International Boundaries

Germany and France Maginot Line
India and China Mc Mahon Line
India and Pakistan Redcliffe Line
India and Srilanka Palk Strait
Pakistan and Afganistan Durand Line
U. S. A. and Canada 49th Parallel
Russia and Finland Mannerhiem Line
North and South Korea 38th Parallel
Germany and Poland Hindenburg Line
Canada and United States Medicine Line

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