Important Places in Indian History

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Important Places in Indian History


In Bihar was the seat of an ancient Buddhist University. It contains a group of Buddhist temples and monasteries.


In Saurashtra is famous for its holly hill Shatrunjaya. It is the most sacred place for Shvetambara Jains.


It is in Sholapur district (Maharashtra State). It stands on Bhima river and is one of the most sacred places of pilgrimage in the State.

Prabhaspatan (or Somnath)

In Gujarat State is the site of the famous Somnath temple which was destroyed by Mahmud Ghazni.


Was the capital of an ancient tribal kingdom in Kamarupa or modern Assam.


8 miles south-west of Nalanda by road is an important place of pilgrimage for Buddhists. It was the capital of Bimbisara in ancient times. The Buddha preached at Rajgir, and so did Mahavira/ the great preceptor of the Jains.


In Madhya Pradesh is famous for the largest and the most well- preserved Buddhist Stupa (108-foot in diameter and 42-foot in height).


Near Varanasi is the place where the Buddha delivered his first sermon after he became the "Englightened One". The place is known for Buddhist temples and remains.


In Karnataka was the ancient capital of Tipu Sultan. (Now known as Seringapatnam.)


In Karnataka is known for temples of Hoysala period, Kesava temple.


In Karnataka is famous for its Jain temples and the colossal statue of Gomateswara (Babubali)—65-foot high erected in A.D. 983, the tallest monolithic in the world.


An island on the Cauvery river two miles north of Tiruchirapalli. It contains one of the largest temples in south India of the Vijayanagar period.


In Karnataka is a place of pilgrimage on the banks of Tung river where the great philosopher Sankara founded one of the principal maths (monasteries).


A flourishing sea port in ancient India.


Was the capital of Cholas. It is situated in the delta of the Cauverv in Tamil Nadu. Also known for Brihadeeswara temple.


Ancient capital of Gandhara and one of the most renowned cities nf ancient north-west India.


In Andhra Pradesh State, situated about 100 miles to the north west of Chennai is one of the holiest places in South India. This hill temple of Sri Venkateswara is an example of early Dravidian architecture and is one of the finect in the south.


Known to be the seat of king Vikrama, is situated on the bank of Sipra nverin Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the seven sacred cities also known as Avarrti


In the district of Vaishali in Bihar was the capital of famous Vaiii kingdom in ancient times.

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