Paragraph Writing


It is important to note that a paragraph is a kind of brief essay. Without the knowledge of writing paragraph, writing descriptive English examination is an uphill task. So a student is advised to concentrate on a subject and give the most useful information on the topic. On the contrary, essay is a detailed form of paragraph writing.

However, paragraph writing deals with the vast range of topics — descriptive, reflective, current, proverbs, and maxims.

Some useful hints to write a Paragraph-
1. A student must stick to the old principle of writing on a subject according to the following divisions-
(a) Exposition
(b) Argument
(c) Conclusion

2. Expanded paragraph should be comprehensible, simple and easily understood in its meaning.
3. The clarity of the views expressed must be given utmost importance.
4. A student is advised to be brief in dealing with the subject relevant to the theme.
5. Arrangement of ideas is essential so that the expanded idea is read as a whole. As such thinking is a process through which a student can construct a paragraph. It should not be rambling. It must have coherence and continuity.
6. No need to say that the expansion should be free from grammatical errors. Writing makes a man perfect. A student must write on his own and get the matter checked by an experienced teacher.
7. Limit of words — A student should limit himself to the number of words set by the examiner. A paragraph should not exceed the limit nor fall below the limit. In the book we have not set any limit of words because we have kept in view the need of the students according to different examinations. Most of the topics can be further enlarged and given the shape of an essay, if required.