General Knowledge

General Knowledge

First in India & World, World Organisations, National & International Days, Research Centers, Musical Instruments, Famous Places

Ancient World, Mesopotamian, Egyption, Harappan Civilization, Medieval World, Arab Civilization, Modern World, Nazism in Germany

Ancient India: Harappan/Indus Civilization, Vedic Culture, Medieval India, Modern India :British Rule , The Revolt of 1857, Important Days

The Solar System, Continents and Oceans, Lattitudes and Longitudes, Atmosphere, Weather and Climate, Natural Disasters

Evolution of Indian Constitution, Constituent Assembly, Important Articles and Amendments, The preamble, National Council & Commission

Unit & Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Pressure, Sound Wave, Heat & Light, Electricity & Current, Magnetism, Atomic & Nuclear Physics

Substance, Atomic Structure, Classification of Elements, Bonding, Acids,Bases & Salts, Carbon & its Compounds, Metals & Non-Metals

Classification of Organism, Genetics & Evolution, Plant and Animal Kingdom, Human Blood and System of Human Body , Nutrients, Pollution

Characteristics of Indian Economy, National Incomoe, Tax System, Indian Finencial System and Banking in India

Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games,World Cups, Cups & Trophies, Famous Stadiums, Nationa Games & Sports

Important Books, Famous Authors, List of Important Books Released in Recent Years

National Awards, Gallantry Awards, Dada Saheb Phalke Awards, Jnanpith Awards, Gallantry Awards, Oscar Awards