Short Passages Comprehension - X

Please study carefully the comprehension given below. The passages is followed by a set of questions choose the best answer to each question.

Wild peacocks live together in large flocks in the forests of Central Africa. They scratch about in the ground during the day for seeds to eat and at nightfall they fly up to the trees where they perch and sleep. Every peacock has several wives, known as peahens. The female birds build their nests on the ground and lay from four to six whitish, sometimes spotted eggs. During the mating season the male utters a harsh raucous cry.

Ques 1. Why do peacocks live in flocks?
(a) They are frightened of wild animals.
(b) They cannot fly very well
(c) They can get more food
(d) The passage does not tell us

Ques 2. ‘Perch’ in the passage means :
(a) rest
(b) nest
(c) climb
(d) fly

Ques 3. Peacock eggs are :
(a) pure white
(b) whitish
(c) spotted
(d) Both ‘a’ and ‘c’

Ques 4. “Harsh raucous cry’ in the passage means :
(a) loud cry
(b) deep cry
(c) roaring cry
(d) loud and hoarse cry

Ques 5. A suitable title for the passage could be :
(a) Peacock Eggs
(b) The Habitat of the Peacock
(c) Wild Peacocks
(d) Wild Birds of Africa

Answers :
(1) (d), (2) (a), (3) (d), (4) (d), (5) (b).