Official Letters
Descriptive Writing

Official Letters

Letter Writing

» Letter about Discrimination in promotion policy towards women
» letter expressing an apology
» A letter of Appointment
» Letter to the Editor about preserving the historical monuments in your town
» Letter to the Editor about water shortage
» Report to the Inspector of Police Station, Rohini about the disappearance of your younger brother
» Write a letter to the Director, Adult Education Delhi, requesting him to help you in planning and organizing an Adult literacy programme in your area
» Write a letter to the Editor of a leading daily newspaper of India, inviting attention of the authorities concerned to the serious nuisance of cattle
» Write a letter to the Editor of National daily bringing out the plight of the residents of a colony developed by a builder in your city
» Write a letter to the Health Officer of your city complaining about the insanitary conditions in your locality
» Write a letter to the railway authorities bringing to their attention the danger posed by unmanned railway crossing citing
» Write a letter to your land lord requesting him for urgent repairs of the building you are living in
» Write an application to General Manager of Indo Chem. Ltd. for the post of Sales Manager in response to their advertisement in the newspaper
» Write an application to the Principal for admission of your children