Indian Armed Force services

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Indian Armed Forces are divided into three services

i) Army
ii) Navy
iii) Air


The Chief is 'Chief of the Army Staff'. Its headquarters is in New Delhi. The army is organised into the following seven commands.

Command Headquarters Command
Western Command Chandigarh
Northern Command Uttam pur
Army Training Command Shimla
South Western Command Jaipur
Eastern Command Kolkata
Southern Command Pune
Central Command Lucknow


The Chief is an Admiral ranked "Chief of the Naval Staff".The headquarters is in New Delhi. The Navy has three Naval Commands, commanded by Flag Officers Commanding-in-Chief of the rank of Vice-Admiral.

Command Headquarters Command
Eastern Command Visakhapatnam
Southern Command Kochi Western
Western Command Mumbai

Air Force

The chief is an Air Chief Marshal ranked 'Chief of the Air Staff'. Its headquarters is in New Delhi. The Air force is organised into seven commands( five optional and two Functional Commands).

Command Headquarters Command
Eastern Air Command Shillong
South-Westem Air Command Gandhinagar
Southern Air Command Tiruvananthpuram
Western Air Command New Delhi
Central Air Command Allahabad
Maintenance Command Nagpur
Training Command Bangalore

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