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Defence of India

Defence of India

» The defence policy of India aims at promoting and sustaining durable peace in the subcontinent and equipping the defence forces adequately.

» The supreme commander of the Indian Armed Forces is the President of India.The responsibility for national defence, however, rests with the union cabinet.

» Detence Minister is responsible to the Parliament for all matters concerning the detence of the country.

» Administrative and operational control of the armed torce is exercised by the Ministry of Defence and the three Service Headquarters.

» In 2002, the Defence Ministry given a new name 'Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence'.

» Indian Armed Forces are divided into three Services- Army, Navy and Air Force.

» The three services function under their respective Chiefs of Staff. These three chiefs of staff constitute the Chief of staff Committee, the chairmanship of which rotates among the service chiefs according to seniority.

» In the contemporary world India has the fourth largest army in the world, the fifth largest air force and the seventh largest navy.

The Defence Ministry consists of 4 departments:
  – Department of Defence
  – Department of Defence Production
  – Department of Defence Research and Development
  – Department of Ex-Serviceman Welfare.

Indian Armed Forces are divided into three services :

i) Army
ii) Navy
iii) Air