Parliaments of different Countries

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Parliament Country
Sansad (Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha) India
National Assembly Pakistan
Parliament (House of Commons and House of Lords) Britain
Bundstag (Lower House) and Bundesrat (Upper House) Germany
Federal Assembly Switzerland
Congress (House of Representatives and Senate) U. S. A.
Tshogdu Bhutan
Rashtriva Panchayat Nepal
Folketing Denmark
Duma and Federal Council Russia
National People's Congress China
National Assembly France
Grand National Assembly Turkey
Majlis Iran

Political Parties of different Countries

Political Parties Country
Republican Party, Democratic Party U. S. A.
Bath Party Iraq
Labour Party, Likud Party, Hamas Party, Shas Party Israel
Socialist Party, National Front, Union for French Democracy France
Liberal Party, Labour Party Australia
Bangladesh Nationalist Party, Awami League, Jatiya Party Bangladesh
Nepali Communist Party, Nepali Congress Party Nepal
Communist Party of China China
United National Party, Freedom Party Sri Lanka
African National Congress, National Party, Inkatha Freedom Party South Africa
Conservative Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democratic Party U. K.
Communist Party, Liberal Democratic Party, Russia's Choice Russia
Indian National Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party, RJD, CPI, CPM, SP, BSP, AAP, AIMIM India
Muslim League, Pakistan Peoples Party Pakistan

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