Bangladesh is our eastern neighbouring country.
Location : It is bordered on the north, west and east by India and on the south by the Bay of Bengal.
Latitude : Bangladesh lies between latitudes 21°N and 26°30'N. The Tropic of Cancer passes through the middle of it.
Longitude : It lies between longitudes 88°E and 92°30'E.
Physical Division of Bangladesh : Nearly whole of Bangladesh lies in the largest delta of the world. » It is a vast flat alluvial plain. It is a land of big rivers, lakes, swamps and marshes.
» A large part of Bangladesh is flooded every year during rainy season.
» It has an area of 1,47,570 sq km.
» The Jamuna (Brahmaputra), Padma (Ganga) and Meghna are the important rivers.
» A small hilly area in the south-east forms the Chittagong Hill tract.


» It has hot and humid climate.
» Rainfall varies from 250 to 40 cm. It has distinct dry and rainy season.
» In early summer, Bangladesh experiences cyclone storms.

Natural Vegetation

» In the fringes of delta Mangrove forests are found.
» Sundari and bamboo trees are found in these Sunderbans.


» Because of fertile alluvial soil and abundant water supply, rice is the main crop of Bangladesh as it covers 85% of the cultivated area.
» Jute the main cash crop.
» Tea plantations are found in some areas in the north.
» Sugarcane, cotton and tobacco are also grown.

Animal Rearing

» Most of the animals reared in Bangladesh work as beasts of burden.
» Bangladesh has become a leading supplier of animal hides and skins.


» Large number of rivers and nearness to the sea make fishing an important activity in Bangladesh.


» Bangladesh is not rich in mineral resources.
» Coal, natural gas and oil are mined in a small quantity.


» The important industries of Bangladesh include jute and cotton textiles, cement, fertilizers, sugar, paper, glass etc.

Population, Language and Religion

» The population of Bangladesh is about 156,594,962 (2013).
» The density of population here is 1,203 persons per sq km. (in 2013)
» Bengali is the official language of Bangladesh.
» Most of the people follow Islam.
» Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna and Narayanganj are some of the important cities of Bangladesh.