Forests & Grasslands


They Forests are of the following types :
» Tropical Evergreen Rain Forests:
Such forests are found in the equatorial and the tropical regions with more than 200 cms annual rainfall. The leaves of trees in such forests are very wide. Ex-Red wood, palm etc.
» Tropical Semi Deciduous Forests:
Such forests receive rainfall less than 150 cms. Saagwan, saal, bamboo etc are found in such forests.
» Temperate mixed Forests:
Such forests are a mixture of trees and shrubs. Corks, Oak etc are the major trees of these forests.
» Coniferous Forests or Taiga:
These are evergreen forests. The trees, in these forests, have straight trunk, conical shape with relatively short branches and small needlelike leaves. Example-Pine, Fir etc.
» Tundra Forests:
Such forests are covered with snow. Only Mosses, a few sladges and Lichens grow here in the summers. This type of vegetation is chiefly confined to the northern hemisphere (e.g. in Eurasia, North Americal and Greenland Coast).
» Mountainous Forests:
Vegetation varies according to altitude.

Pastures (or Grasslands)

They can be divided into two types :
1. Tropical Pastures
2. Temperate Pastures
» Tropical Pastures
They have different names in different countries. Savanna in Africa, Campos in Brazil, Lanos in Venezuela and Columbia.
» Temperate Pastures
They are known by the following names—Praries in USA and Canada, Pampas in Argentina, Veld in South Africa, Rangelands or Downs in Australia and New Zealand, Steppes in Eurasia (Ukraine, Russia).