How the Sun Creates Energy

How the Sun Creates Energy

» Hydrogen and helium are the predominant gases that constitute the Sun. The proportion of hydrogen to helium is 3 :1.
» The core of the Sun acts like a gigantic nuclear reactor and converts huge quantity of hydrogen into helium. In this process of nuclear fusion, the Sun releases tremendous amount of energy in all directions.
» The Sun radiates energy (both heat and light) in all directions.
» Because of its small size in relation to the Sun, the Earth intercepts only a small part of the Sun's radiant energy.
» Solar radiations are the primary source of heat and light to the Earth.


The incoming solar radiation (energy intercepted by the Earth) is known as insolation and it is received in the form of short waves.

Terrestrial Radiation

The Sun's energy absorbed by the Earth's surface when radiated out into space is called terrestrial radiation.