Impact of West on our culture

Impact of West on our culture

Since the advent of die Europeans in India, Westernization has had a great impact on the cultural and social life of India. Renaissance in Europe brought about re-awakening and revival of learning. In the same manner, from the semi - darkness of Medieaval Ages we were led into light of knowledge and science. ’ Our freedom movement was certainly launched by those who had reaped the benefits of western education. In fact, the English brought about cultural renais¬sance, industrialization and many other advantages associated with education. On its flip side, there was slavery, economic exploitation and suppression of freedom and human rights.

However, after Independence there has been far greater impact of western - culture on Indian youth. Shakespeare and Shelley became their ideals. They began to dress up in western style and speaking English fluently became a matter of social status. Fault squarely lies with our leaders. They don't have the courage to switch over to Indian system of education.

Thus, the erosion of moral values has. been a continuing process. Those who have affected manners and are bred in 'five-star culture' are respected. It cannot be gainsaid that our culture is dying, in fact, culture stands for our values, morals, beliefs and social institutions. But western values have come to be accepted as a way of life. The culture of pubs and discotheques have come to stay. Single parenthood, live-in partners, permissiveness at school level, nudity are no more taboos. What seems more probable is that Indians have lost pride in piety of moral relationship and cultural heritage.

To make the matter worse, the introduction of cable T.V. has corrupted the values and morals of the youth. Indian youth is blindly aping the dyism, Hippyism and drug addition are some of the western, girts are facing cultural crises. Juvenile, alcoholism is rising at alarming rate. Indian youth believe that modernization can be achieved only as a result of westernization.

There is no wrong in getting westernized. But the fact is we emulate what is negative in western culture. So we don't care to get rid of gender bias, casteism, dowry system, and superstitions. We are subtly persuaded to accept the ideology of individualism. Ends are more important than means. any cost is the cult of new culture. Young men and women have taken to irresponsible ways of life. As a result of greater exposure to life style of the west, Indians have rejected the essence of inwardly rich life.

We are living in a world where everything is in a flux. The traditional norms have broken down. But the new values are still to be stabilised. There is cultural crises. We have to be judicious in discriminating between desirable and undesirable. Adaptability is the other name of progress. Man does no bread alone. There are higher values to sustain humanity. Culture an are a matter of identity of a race and civilisation. Thus, social living, family ties , filial bonds and ethics must be allowed to breathe under the pressure of western impact.

Today Indian culture is under great stress because our youths are expose to globalization of western culture. Women are advertised as objects of consumption. Mass-media are playing negative role in promoting puppy culture. Consumerism, materialism and sexism are the mantras for successful life. What a pity that we have not still come over superstitions and orthodox way of life. But we boast of being modern. We are modern in the sense that a new gener¬ation of "Tipler Teens" has emerged. Patronised and condoned by indulgent parents, the youth are taking to the bottle. As days pass, complete break down of Indian culture is imminent. Therefore, Indians must know that there is a difference between healthy modernisation and destructive westernisation.