Letter to the Editor about preserving the historical monuments in your town

Letter to the Editor about preserving the historical monuments in your town

The Heritage Society of India,
August 10, 2019

The Editor,
The Statesman,
New Delhi.


May I, through your esteemed daily, appeal to the Archeological Department of India to look after the heritage of India represented by historical monuments in our district.

Meerut is a historical region. Historical places like Parikshat Garh, Hastinapur, Barnawa belong to the epoch of Mahabharta. In recent excavations many relics of Indus valley civilization have been discovered in Alamgir. Sardhana & Meerut are historically important in the context of the British rule in India. As we know, Hastinapur, Parikshat Garh, and Barnawa conjure up in our minds the memories of the days of our ancient glory. All these places are associated with the dynasties of Pandavas and Kauravas. There are numberless monuĀ¬ments dating from that epoch.
Sardhna and Meerut are associated with modern British era and the first revolt against the British rule. In Meerut itself there are historical places related to freedom struggle. Sardhana was founded by Begum Samru. She built a grand Church there when she embraced Christianity. In Meerut itself she built a great palace in Begum Bagh named after her. Few years back it was in dilapidated conditions. Later on it was demolished by Meerut Development Authority for building Apartments. If happened through neglect of the Archeological departĀ¬ment and district authorities. If preserved, the palace of Begum Samru would have added to the glory of Meerut.

Similarly many ancient monuments are facing extinction. It would be better if government of India took over these monuments and took care of them under its direct supervision.
Thanking you,

Yours truly,
for Heritage Society of India