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Report on Custodial death
by - GN Admin

GeneralNote News Service
Delhi, Dec. 7, 2022
A forty year old man had been in the custody for two days at Sultanpuri police station in east Delhi. He is reported to have died last night.
Later on the police identified the dead man as Ranbir Singh, the resident of Sultanpuri. It is alleged by his wife that he was tortured to death in custody. He was called to the police station two days back in connection with the missing motorcycle of his neighbour Ram Singh. Since then his wife had been regularly visiting the police station to know the cause of detention of her husband. Every time Inspector in charge M.S. Tomar turned her back saying that he had been sent to jail for committing theft of a motorcycle.

The truth about the death of Ranbir Singh came to light when the influential political leader of the area contacted the Inspector incharge. The matter was taken up by the councillor of the area, Mr. Veerbhan. The Deputy Commissioner of police and Assistant Commissioner of police were informed about the death in custody by Mr. Veerbhan. Criminal cases against the Inspector incharge, Sub Inspector and a constable were registered in Sultanpuri police station after four days of the death.
All the three accused have been absconding since the arrest warrants were issued.