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Report on Drug gang busted

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Report on Drug gang busted
by - GN Admin

GeneralNote News Service
Delhi, March 10, 2022
The Delhi Police (Narcotics Branch) raided last night the residence of a builder who is said to be the kingpin of cocaine dealers. Three persons including a foreign woman have been arrested. On receiving information on telephone from an anonymous caller, the police sent a decoy to verify the correctness of the information.
According to the police 1.5 kg. of hashish and 20 gms. of cocaine were recovered from the residence of Sameer Ali. All the accused present at the residence have been arrested. One of their accomplices is absconding. The trap was laid under the supervision of Inspector Nagpal. When 1 gm. of cocaine was delivered to Ram Singh, the decoy, the officers swung into action and arrested the accused. The contraband was ceased from them.

During the interrogation, it was revealed that all the accused were law graduates. They took to trafficking in drugs under the cover of property business. The foreign woman (Nationality not disclosed by the police) was their 'live-in companion'. The police told this correspondent that the foreign woman has been into drug trafficking for the last seven years. She is alleged to have been also arrested earlier. She had been eluding the police since she jumped the bail. The police are trying to locate the source of their supply. The police claim to have seized a diary containing the names of elite members of society who are said to be their regular customers.