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Report on Drought
by - GN Admin

GeneralNote News Service
Jhansi, June 20, 2022
On account of delayed rains the whole region of eastern U.P. is affected by drought conditions. Jhansi is the worst affected district due to lack of water. The state is reeling under the dark tragedy of drought. Standing crops are withering away. Describing the situation in the Malwa region the Commissioner stated that the situation was out of control. Crops had dried up, animals were dying from lack of fodder and the farmers along with their families and cattle were leaving the villages. Despite the efforts of the government to send water tanks for drinking water, food supply and fodder the villagers were in panic.
There are reports of violence from Jhansi. The police are said to have resorted to lathi charge to scare away the demonstrators.

When contacted the D.M. Jhansi denied these reports but admitted that the situation was likely to go out of control any day. The large scale migration of the villagers to the district is posing law and order problems. There is no immediate solution in sight. This region was identified as a drought prone area long ago. Never in the past has the administration tried to avert the avoidable tragic situations. According to one source the local MLAs and MP have never tried to approach the authorities to take remedial steps beforehand to the chagrin of many villagers. They have not visited the area since the drought conditions started affecting the villagers. As many as forty villages are in the grip of drought. A large number of cattle are languishing for want of fodder and water. The situation is not likely to improve until the rain sets in.