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Report on Lack of civic amenities

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Report on Lack of civic amenities
by - GN Admin

GeneralNote News Service
Agra, May 5, 2022
The historical city has paid heavily for being a major tourist centre in the form of damaged roads, erratic electric supply & lack of other basic amenities of life. Instead of providing the best of comforts, the Municipal Corporation has been neglectful of this aspect of life.
The promise made by the newly elected Mayor has roused a ray of hope among the residents of the city. He assured of an immediate attention to the sloppy drainage and sewerage system, a scourge for the residents of the area. The residents brought to his notice that the old drainage pipes need to be immediately replaced. The broken roads and depressions are a result of water logging caused by silted and choked drains and sewers. Half hearted measures like desilting and cleansing the sewers will not serve any purpose. The problem needs to be tackled from the roots.

Along with this the roads in damaged conditions also require immediate attention. Since the rainy reason is about to set in, the condition of the roads on account of water, logging is expected to worsen. The stagnant water in the depressions of the roads is a fit place for breeding mosquitoes. In such conditions accidents cannot be ruled out causing loss of life and limbs. The epidemics are most likely to break out.
The statement by the Mayor is most welcome. If implemented, it would go a long way in alleviating the miseries of the citizens. Besides, the unavoidable electric breakdowns put extra strain on the residents. The transformers are not up to the mark and electric wires need replacement on large scale. Two school going children were electrocuted when a high tension wire snapped and fell on the children who died at the spot. The parents of the children have accused the Hydle department of criminal neglect and lodged an FIR with the police. The police are investigating the case.