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Report on Constitutional Amendments Necessary for Stability : Minister

You are Nisha working as a newspaper reporter for the Hindustan Times. Yesterday, you were invited to attend a press conference convened by the Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs on the proposed changes in the Constitution of India. Write a report for publication in the newspaper.

Constitutional Amendments Necessary for Stability : Minister

New Delhi, 31th July, 2022 By Nisha, staff reporter HT

The Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs convened a press conference at his residence on the proposed changes in the Constitution of India in order to provide a stable government to the country. Here, in India, Members of the Parliament are elected to run the government. In case any political party fails to get a clear majority to form the government, it has to get the support of other political parties to form a government. Thus, a coalition the government takes place. At present we are having a coalition government, but its success is neither certain nor admirable, as the allies parties in general forced its motives and decisions on the government. This creates great hurdles in the smooth functioning of the government.

Sometimes the coalition partners start working against the Government. In order to put a check over such practice, certain changes in the Constitution are under process. The majority party shall be allowed to form a government. In the first instance no candidate should be allowed to change a party after winning the election. On the issues of national interest all parties have to give their consensus. There should be only four political parties which have secured at least 20% votes in the last three elections. Once accepted as coalition partner that party shall not be allowed to withdraw the support. Once a government is formed, that cannot be thrown out unless a majority of two-third of the total membership put a demand in writing to the President and a no-confidence motion is passed by the same majority. When asked about the feasibility of such a move the Minister replied that it is well in the interest of the nation and for the peace and progress stability is must.