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Report on Traffic jams & reckless driving

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Report on Traffic jams & reckless driving
by - GN Admin

GeneralNote News Service
Ambala, Jan 5, 2022
Travelling cither in a public bus or a private vehicle is a living nightmare in the city. Travelling by scooters is more dangerous as a result of sudden increase of the four wheelers in the city. Given the conditions of the roads, travelling is hazardous. Traffic jams and crossing the intersections take away most of our time and energy. The work that one can do in two hours takes the whole day to complete it. Most of the areas in the city are traffic jams prone.
It is no exaggeration as it takes two hours to reach the central market from clock tower. Otherwise it is a matter of only one hour drive. The citizens have the habit of doing everything on the roads. It may be a marriage procession or mourning. They are unmindful of the inconvenience caused by vehicular traffic. They do not mind parking scooters and cars in front of the shops which often results in bottlenecks. Dharnas, rallies and public demonstrations are held on the busy routes in the city. During the peak hours of traffic in the morning and evening, the conditions are even worse. Encroachments are the order of the day. The congestion on the roads is caused by disobeying the rules of the road. In the last two years three flyovers have been constructed to make travelling safe and comfortable. As a matter of fact, the traffic police does not take stem action against illegal parking and encroachments and reckless driving. The condition of the roads adds more problems to traffic jams.

No wonder, accidents, mostly fatal make one wary of driving. School boys and girls are driving vehicles without license. They are reckless drivers. Being young, they don't care about the hazards they pose to others. School authorities and traffic police need to conduct training classes in schools for teaching the young the traffic rules. The training, they are supposed to get, will have lasting impression on their minds. Ultimately the safety on the road depends on the police how they enforce law. Strict checking and stringent enforcing of already existing law can instill fear in citizens. Otherwise the chaotic conditions on roads are likely to continue.