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Report on Red Alert on independence day

Right a report for your newspaper on Red Alert on independence day

Report on Red Alert on independence day
by - GN Admin

GeneralNote News Service
Meerut, August 13, 2022
A Red Alert has been sounded in Meerut as a part of a special alert in connection with Independence Day celebrations to prevent any untoward incident. This is being done because the State Government has issued special instructions to the district administration to remain extra vigilant. The intelligence agencies have warned the state Govt, that the militant groups operating in the major towns of the state have chosen this state as a major target for subversive activities. A large number of terrorists visiting India on the pretext of meeting their relatives have gone in hiding. Even after the expiry of their visa tenure their whereabouts are mystery for the police.
Senior Superintendent of police, Arnav Sharma has issued instructions to all police officials to remain extra alert. Sensitive localities, public buildings, power houses, thickly populated areas, busy market places, cinema houses, railway stations and bus stands have been placed under extra vigil.

Instructions have been issued to police stations to guard academic institutions. Utmost precaution should be exercised at all functions being organized in connection with Independence Day. A door to door campaign has also been launched to round up all suspicious persons.
The encouraging aspect of the arrangement, according to the Police Chief Arnav Sharma, is that a number of voluntary organizations and Ex-Service men of all communities have come forward to exercise vigilance in their localities.