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Report on Craze for Foreign Goods

You are correspondent of a local daily, you find very unhealthy craze among the students for the foreign goods. Write an article for a newspaper in about 100 words.

Craze for Foreign Goods

New Delhi, 10th July, 2022 (From Local Correspondent)

A general tendency is now-a-days seen among the students that they are attracted by foreign goods, whether good or bad, but whatever they purchase should be originated from a foreign country. This idea never enters into our brains that Indian goods are not in any way inferior. We have advanced to such an extent that many items are being exported by us. Our goods are of the superb quality. Still we have a sensation to buy a foreign make. We are admired in construction, utility and acclaim its worth. In some of the cases, even our manufactured items are labelled as made in foreign, e.g., Japan, England and Germany etc. We never try to examine its worth, utility and consumption. Gone are the days when even from the smallest needle to the highest implement was imported from England or USA. This led to a habit of liking for the foreign goods. It is also a worth mentioning fact that foreigners do not like to purchase foreign goods. They believe in purchasing their own national goods. Let us come forward and initiate steps to buy own Swadeshi goods. Consuming goods made in our own country saves very precious foreign exchange.
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