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Report on Pleasures of Eye-Donation

You are working for Times of India as reporter. Last week, you attended a seminar on ‘Pleasures of Eye-Donation’, organized by the Medical Association of your district. Write a report of this seminar is not more than 120 words for publication in the Newspaper.

Pleasures of Eye-Donation

New Delhi, 10th July, 2022 (By a staff reporter of Times of India)

Last week, a seminar on ‘Pleasures of Eye Donation’ was organized by the Medical Association of out district at the Andrew’s Community Centre on 27th April. A large number of residents attended the seminar. The President of the Association Mr J.H. Jha, stressed the need for protection of our eyes and emphasised the pleasures of Eye donation, “We can provide eyes to the blind and the others who need eyes.” People can mention in their will that their eyes can be taken for the benefit of others after their death. It will be a great source of pleasure for the departing soul. They will provide light to the needy people. Much of our generation fail to get proper light and become prematurely blind. It is our duty to help them. Stressing the need of the eye donation the Chief guest of the function Sh. Vijay Dutta said, “By donating eyes we can give support and light to others.” It is said, “Eyes are the greatest Blessings on Earth. We can help others even after our death.” More than thousand rose to register their names for eye donation after their death. Such functions can solve the problems of blinds to a great extent.