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Report on Water logging

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Report on Water logging
by - GN Admin

GeneralNote News Service
Mathura, July 29, 2022
Severe rains lashed Mathura on Monday evening leading to water logging and traffic jams at many places. Delhi road had about a foot deep water causing many vehicles to stop. Water logging under Bhagat Singh bridge in the main market also caused many motorists to stop in the midst of water resulting in disrupted traffic and traffic jams. Many vehicles particularly two wheelers got stuck and sank in the accumulated water under the bridge. Even traffic lights stopped working. Traffic at Krishan Nagar intersection also got disrupted because of heavy downpour. It was difficult for the pedestrians to pass through knee-deep water. The passengers on the Bus stand were stranded.
When contacted the district magistrate blamed the unusual heavy rain in the city. According to him every drainage system has an optimum capacity beyond which it can not handle rain water. To prove his point he cited the example of Mumbai which has the best drainage system in the country. He denied that the municipal authorities maintained the drains improperly. According to him whenever it rains, the additional load affects the sewers and when they are full the rain water starts spilling over to drains and streets. However, water logging is a common sight during rainy season.

Non-functional street lights add to the number of accidents on roads. The failure of street lights add to the woes of the common man. Drainage and sewerage system coupled with damaged roads pose a serious threat to the life and properly of the citizens. Town planners have miserably tailed on this account. They make promises every year and by next rainy season, they are transferred. There is lack of accountability on the part of the authorities that amounts to criminal negligence of duty.