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Report on Bus Robbery

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Report on Bus Robbery
by - GN Admin

GeneralNote News Service
Muzaffar Nagar, Sep. 10, 2022
Last year a spate of robberies by armed youths on buses was reported on the highway leading to Dehradun. The police have yet to solve the cases of robberies. Yet again yesterday two persons were robbed of Rs. 40,000 by armed youths on a moving bus near Muzaffar Nagar. About yesterday's incident the SHO of Manglore police station said that the victims Hari Om (55) and Shiv Narayan (50) had boarded the bus at Muzaffar Nagar at about 8 p.m. They were on way to Dehradun. The two armed youths also boarded the bus at Muzaffar Nagar. However, they boarded the bus at Shiv chowk, not a regular halt of long route buses. As the bus reached near Manglore the armed youths took out the revolvers and demanded money from the victims at gun-point. The terror striken passengers kept on watching the incident helplessly. The victims did not resist and meekly surrendered the amount.

The bus kept on moving. When their operation was complete, they ordered the bus driver to stop the bus and they escaped under the cover of darkness. The victims were returning from Muzaffar Nagar after having done some cash transactions. The re-occurrence of armed robberies on long route buses has sent shock waves throughout the region. The district police chief stated that the frantic search was on to apprehend the culprits. The extra police force has been deployed for night patrolling on the highway.