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Report on Flood
by - GN Admin

GeneralNote News Service
Shimla, July 10, 2022
Flash floods in the Satluj left a trail of destruction in Shimla, Kulu and Mandi districts of Himachal Pradesh. On Monday night large number of houses, fourteen bridges, vehicles and other machinery were washed away in flash floods. The toll of death has risen to two hundred persons who are feared drowned. The people in the villages in Kulu district, Nagli village in Shimla and other villages were taken by surprise. The estimated loss of property is estimated at rupees one hundred crore.
In Mandi District an army camp was also washed away along with thirty mules belonging to army. However, no loss of life in army camp has been reported. On the contrary army is engaged in rescuing the marooned villagers. All efforts are being made to provide relief at a war footing. Air force has been deployed to drop food supply to the stranded villagers. The cause of flash floods is stated to be heavy rains or cloud burst in the Tibet region.

Two colonies of PWD workers engaged in the construction of Hydroelectric projects at Bhawa Nagar have also suffered heavy loss. As the flash floods hit the region around 4 a.m. most of the residents were caught unaware. It was just timely alarm raised by the villagers that they could be evacuated to safer places. The chief minister Shanta Kumar arrived back at Shimla after an aerial survey of the flood affected areas. There is a panic among the people. A large number of motorable and pedestrian bridges have been damaged. Frantic efforts are going on to rehabilitate the villagers.