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‘Drug Addiction’ has become great menace against the society. Write an article for your college magazine on Drug Addiction.

Drug Addiction

New Delhi, 10th July, 2022 (By Kapil Sharma)

The word ‘addiction’ implies to be habitual to something and it is generally applicable in bad sense. Of course, addiction to anything is bad, but drug addiction is the worst of all. The modern scientific research has proved the harmful effects of regular use of a particular drug. It not only damages our digestive system, but also spoils our nervous system. In reality it is a breeder and an invitation to death. It is a slow poison, degrades one to the lowest level. All our energy and vitality is sucked like a bacteria sucks our blood. The user becomes hollow just like a coconut. The addict person loses his moral values and to get the drug he can commit any crime like theft, dacoity, even the murder. He cannot do any thing properly, can’t work, can’t rest, can’t play, even can’t sleep without taking drugs. Addiction to smoking, wine, smack, hashish and heroine distort the mental ability, agility, confidence, propriety of any decision of a drug addict. We should avoid use of such narcotics.