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Report on Inadequate fire fighting arrangement

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Report on Inadequate fire fighting arrangement
by - GN Admin

GeneralNote News Service
Noida, Jan 23, 2022
A fire in one of Noida's multistoried buildings last week has not made Noida fire department any wiser for any such mishap in future. The apathy of the fire department and the State Govt, is appalling. Fire tragedy that took place in Noida's Phase-I, caused crores of loss in terms of money and infrastructure. 20 lives were also lost but fire department has not woken to reality.
What is worse, the breathing apparatus available with the Noida fire department is outdated. Fire personnel cannot go through thick smoke or gas to rescue victims even from the ground floors. During the holocaust in the last weak many shortcomings of the fire department came to light. There are four fire engines in Noida Phase-I. Two of them are over 15 years old and need immediate replacement. Noida Phase-II has only one fire engine. Strangely enough, Noida fire brigade has no turn-able ladder. Without these devices meant to fight fires and conduct rescue operations on the higher floors of multistoried buildings, fighters find themselves quite helpless. It was clearly revealed last week. Even the Phase-I fire station's phone is a one way connection as the bill is unpaid.

Fire department sources states that there are 30 buildings in Noida that are tall enough. It is mandatory requirement to install wet risers, down comers, underground tanks, pumps and fire extinguishers but all these buildings violate these mandatory rules. Fire department is required to inspect the buildings at the time of their completion. But nobody bothers about their inspection. According to them the Noida authorities are not doing anything to upgrade the fire brigade. When contacted a senior Noida official said, "I am sorry but I am not aware of these things because fire brigade does not come under my jurisdiction.”