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Report on The Menace of the political rallies

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Report on The Menace of the political rallies
by - GN Admin

GeneralNote News Service
New Delhi, Feb 28, 2022

The political rallies appear to have become a necessary evil in our social and political life. The rallies held by the party in power in a state or at the center are sheer nuisance for the common citizens. The Congress rally held at New Delhi is the witness to the fact how the ordinary life of an ordinary citizen, commercial and business activities come to a stand still. The Congress rally at New Delhi was held to celebrate the completion of five years of Sonia Gandhi as the President of Congress party.

The daily commuters on public and private transport were the worst affected. Most of the commercial houses and banks remained closed for want of access of the employers to their working places. Non-availability of transport added to the woes of the citizens needing immediate medical attention. The citizens out on very important tasks had to go back. The route leading from adjoining districts, towns and villages of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh were choked with over crowded buses, public carriers, tractors and bullock carts. It is horrible to imagine that how a political party can afford to look over the financial loss to the govt, ex-chequer, private industries and inconvenience to the public. It was observed that there was hardly any respectable and educated citizen taking part in the rally. The lure of daily allowance and food and sight seeing bring the villagers and the poor to the city. Their transportation is managed by rich party leaders and capitalists owning political affiliation with a political party. Private buses owners are forced into doing the bidding of powerful mafia.

The mob returning from the rally caused chaos in the city. The New Delhi dwellers preferred to remain inside because of slogan shouting. Crowd was in a menacing mood and could have turned violent under slightest provocation.