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Report on Robbery in train

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Report on Robbery in train
by - GN Admin

GeneralNote News Service
Meerut, Feb. 20, 2022

Robbery and killing has been reported on Kalka Express near Saharanpur. Armed robbers killed two passengers when they resisted the attempt of robbery. They protested when they saw women passengers aboard being robbed. The robbery took place just after the train had started after a regular halt at Saharanpur. In fact four armed robbers boarded the train at Saharanpur. As soon as the train crossed the outer signal, the robbers took out pistols and started robbing the women of their valuables at a gun point. According to an eye witness they snatched ornaments and their purses. One robber threatened men passengers to hand over their wallets at once.

While other passengers watched terror striken, the two passengers, latter identified as Ravi Jain and Ram Bharose took on the criminals. As a result they were shot at. However, despite being seriously injured Ravi, 27 held on to one of the robbers. Encouraged by the action of Ravi and Ram Bharose, the other passengers also grappled with the robbers.

While the struggle was going on, one of the passengers had the courage to pull the chain. As the train stopped the robbers decamped with the booty. The injured passengers were admitted lo the district hospital Saharanpur where they succumbed to the bullet injuries. The police are searching for the robbers who escaped under the cover of darkness.