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Report on Transport strike
by - GN Admin

GeneralNote News Service
New Delhi, April 15, 2022
Truckers' strike has adversely affected the supply of vegetables, fruits, milk & raw materials for industries. There is spurt of prices all over the city. The strike has entered the 7th day and the effects of the strike are visible in every sector. Even the medicines have not been spared by the wholesale stockists. The patients have to pay through their nose because they must buy essential medicines. Inspite of the appeal of the government that essential services to the public should not be affected, it has had no impact on the transporters.
The figures released by the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee, a Delhi government body, managing the mandies show that the supply of vegetables and fruits to wholesale markets has remained largely constant and the wholesale prices have not gone up. The supply line has not been affected in Azadpur. The supplies continue pouring between midnight and 8 a.m. It is obvious that the strike has not affected supplies. Tempos and light cart vehicles have come to the rescue of the people. The shortage is said to be artificial created by wholesale dealers to take advantage of the situation. Even the supply of LPG cylinders has been maintained to Delhi and nearby towns with the help of the trucks owned by the companies.

There is a panic among the consumers and hoarding of vegetables, food grains and other food products has contributed to the situation getting out of control if the strike enters the second week. Seeing apprehension, the truckers made an appeal to the tampo owners to join the strike. Striking truckers claim to have won the support of tempo owners. The ongoing trucker's strike is likely to worsen for the consumers, the retailers are taking full advantage of the situation. The prices vary according to the economic status of the consumers. In the posh colonies of South Delhi and West Delhi prices have rocketed high because consumers living in these colonies can afford to pay high prices. The Azadpur Maridi will remain closed tomorrow as a token of solidarity with the truckers.
The government is in no mood to decrease the prices of diesel. The state transport minister has appealed to the union government to view the demands of the truckers sympathetically. The union government has also turned down the demand of toll-tax on highways. So far the strike is peaceful. The transport owners have arranged free langars for truck drivers and the labourers. There is apprehension lest the unrest among the drivers and labourers should turn violent. So the government has taken every step to check the violence beforehand.