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Write a letter to your brother to advice to join a coaching institute for preparation for Civil Services examination

Your cousin has asked for your advice to join a coaching institute for preparation for Civil Services examination. Advise him on the subject because you have had quite good experience of the institutes at Meerut.

F - 35, Jamia Nagar,
New Delhi,
August 10, 2019
My Dear Rohit,
I am quite happy to learn from your letter that you have qualified B.E. with distinction. You don't feel that there are immediate prospects of employment while industries in India are in dumps. You have taken a very wise decision to try for civil services examination. You are a brilliant student and you deserve success in the age of technocracy.
As for joining coaching institute for guidance at Meerut I would like to advise you that Meerut is not a place meant for aspirants for civil services. The owners of coaching institutes provide infrastructure to semi-literate students who con¬duct coaching. The owner of the coaching institute would lure the students with the aid of misleading advertisement, through print and electronic media. They make tall claims about huge number of successful turn out of aspirants. They fleece young men & women by charging exorbitant fees.
There is an example of a coaching institute that boasts of turning out hundred candidates getting through the civil services examination and thousands of defense officers. The pity is that in Doordarshan programme, Aankho Dekhi, Mrs. Nalini Singh telecast the news about the distinguished working of this institute.

It is regrettable that National Electronic Media and Print Media give out the news without verifying the facts. There have been hardly seven or eight cases of successful candidates in civil services during the last 25 years in Meerut. The fault also lies with the students. They should be curious enough to know the names, addresses and the place of posting of such candidates. The truth will be out. Students aspiring for such careers are expected to have the capability of assessing the efficiency of the teacher. They must not be taken in by wily talk of the organizers who themselves are semi-literates. In view of the foregoing I would advise you that Meerut is not a place suitable for guidance for a student like you. Therefore, I would advise you to join some institute in Delhi that is specialized in this kind of guidance.
With regards to uncle and aunt and best wishes to you,
Yours affectionately,