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Write a letter to a friend describing the changes which have meanwhile taken place

Imagine you are visiting your native village/town after an interval of ten years. Write a letter to a friend describing the changes which have meanwhile taken place.

F - 35, Jamia Nagar,
New Delhi,
August 10, 2019
Dear Rahul ,
I received your letter last month. I am sorry for the belated reply. The fact is that I had gone to my village in Punjab to attend the marriage of my cousin. You will not believe how thrilled I was to visit my native village after 10 years.
My village, situated at a distance of ten miles from Patiala did not look familiar to me. There was tremendous change in all respects. Today it is well connected by mettle roads and public transport system. As I stepped down at Patiala bus stand there was a bus bound for my village waiting just near by. Within 20 minutes I reached my village. It was quite surprising. As I took a road to enter my village, I caught sight of a degree college, a co-educational institute serving the needs of thirty odd villages of the Tahsil.
Young men and women were dressed in modern clothes and moving freely here and there. The electricity and telephone wires gave me the impression that the villages are really developing. In every home I found Cable T.V. and telephone facility. Even there was a small book store with latest magazines, newspapers and books for the students.

It being the month of Feb. wheat crop and mustard crop with yellow flowers provided bright outlook to the background. The sight of lush green fields reminded me of the blessings of nature. Life appeared to be moving at leisure. There was no hurry and worry, hustle and bustle of the commercial cities. Even life up to 10 O' clock in the village was marked with gaiety and laughter.
Ten years back when I visited the village it was just a sleepy hamlet even at six p.m. Life was not that much attractive. I was amazed at the sea change that has taken over the village.
With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,