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Report on Bomb hoax

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Report on Bomb hoax
by - GN Admin

GeneralNote News Service
Aligarh, Jan 10, 2022
Security forces at Aligarh railway station were in panic last night when the police received a phone call stating that bombs had been planted in Toofan Express. The passengers were confounded when they were asked to vacate the compartments in no time. Chaotic conditions prevailed at the railway station. Numberless jawans and police officers were running here and there at the railway station. It appeared that the whole station was under siege.
A bomb defusing squad in military uniform was standing alert to meet with any emergency arising out of bomb blasts. The passengers were asked to move far away from the compartments. They virtually ran helter and skelter leaving their bag and baggage at the station. There was a stampede and an old man was crushed to death. The cries of children rent the air.

Meanwhile frantic search was on. Sniffer dogs in every compartment were trying to detect the planted bombs. It took almost an hour to complete the search. Inspite of extensive search the security forces did not come across any thing suspicious. When satisfied the police declared the phone call as a hoax. The train was. two hours late. The whole railway schedule for incoming trains was thrown out of gear.