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Report on Environmental Pollution

Paresh Tonk, a correspondent from Statesman, was asked to submit a report on Environment Pollution. Write a report on Environmental Pollution.

Environmental Pollution

New Delhi, 10th July, 2022 Mr. Paresh Tonk

Environmental Pollution has assumed alarming proportion resulting in a serious health hazard now-a-days. Not only air, but also water has become dangerously polluted. Smoke pollutes the air, sewage pollutes the water and solid wastes (garbage and junk etc) pollute the land. Population explosion, urbanization and industrialization are the biggest causes of the present pollution. Industrial units throw their wastes and chemicalized water in the rivers. Sewage of big cities is being dumped into rivers. This has resulted into spreading of harmful chemicals in the environment which are harmful for the living creatures.

Plants, animals and human beings are suffering from many known and unknown diseases because of this pollution. The polluted water causes cancerous diseases like cholera, jaundice and diarrhoea etc.
The smoke coming out of the chimneys of the factories and vehicles causes serious health problems. We regularly breathe the polluted air and as a result headache, nausea and many diseases of lung and heart take place. This is a serious health hazard to all of us. The public be made aware to the harms and the problems caused due to environmental pollution. Public be advised to use anti-pollutant instruments in their vehicles and regular tuning and pollution check to be made compulsory. Industrial units be forced to take anti-pollution measures. A proper arrangement for dumping of Industrial and sewage wastes be made. Use of Polythene bags be banned. A mass awareness programme be launched by the Governmental and Non-governmental agencies. To save the younger generation from the side-effects of the environmental pollution it is necessary to take immediate and proper action.