Precis Writing on Education Through the Cinema

Make a precis of each of the following passages. Suggest a suitable title also for your precis.

The cinema is a outstanding wonder of this modern age. Apart from the great pleasure it gives us as a means of entertainment, it is many ways an education in itself, and no regular patron of the cinema can ever be called illiterate. The cinema is also a very valuable asset to educationists in imparting knowledge. The film companies, from time to time, produce historical pictures and their pictures are of great importance to the teacher of history. A couple of hours spent in the company of historical personages dressed in the proper dress of that period can teach us far more than we can learn from a whole weak's browsing in a history text book. Even some of Shakespeare's dramas and comedies have been filmed and we thereby gain a much better idea of the play than would be possible from a casual reading of it.
But of the far greater importance is the use of the film in the teaching of science and industry. There are educational film companies which devote their time to the filming of the habits and customs of animals, insects, fishes, germs and numerous other branches of scientific life. We can see the hatching of the eggs of fish and their gradual development into large fishes; we can watch the unceasing activity of many kinds of germs and their effect on water, milk or blood. We can watch the opening and closing of flowers and leaves and the growth of grass and weeds. All these actions and movements are greatly magnified on the screen. Such pictures are intensely interesting arid are a great help to the cause of education.


The cinema is a means of entertainment. But it is an education in itself. Historical pictures contribute both to entertainment and our education. They are useful even to a teacher of History. The cinema produces historical characters as if they were living creatures. They appear to be so well dressed in the proper dress of a period. Time spent in watching historical pictures widens our perspective about history and literature. Besides, pictures are very useful in imparting knowledge about science and industries. In this kind of educational films, one can learn about the environment, animals, insects, germs and their behaviour and effects on human life.