Precis Writing on Our National Objectives

Make a precis of each of the following passages. Suggest a suitable title also for your precis.

If we look back at India's long history we find that our fore fathers made wonderful progress whenever they looked out on the world with clear and fearless eyes and kept the windows of their minds open to give and receive. And, in later periods, when they grew narrow in outlook and shrank from outside influences, India suffered a set back, politically. What a magnificent inheritance, we have, though we have abused it often enough. India has been and is a vital nation, inspite of all the misery and suffering that she had experienced. That vitality in the realm of constructive and creative effort spread to many parts of the Asian world and elsewhere and brought splendid conquests in its train. Those conquests were not so much of the sword, but of the mind and heart which bring healing and which endure very vitality. If not rightly and creatively directed and may turn inward and destroy and degrade.
Even during the brief span of our lives we have seen these two forces at play in India and the world at large. The forces of constructive and creative . effort and the forces of destruction, which will triumph in the end? And on which side do we stand? That is a vital question for each one of us, and, more especially, for those from whom the leaders of the nation will be drawn, and on whom the burden of tomorrow will fall. We dare not sit on the fence and refuse , to face the issue. We dare not allow our minds to be befuddled by passion and hatred when clear thought and effective action are necessary.
Let us be dear about our national objective. We aim at a strong, democratic India where every citizen has on equal place ana full opportunity of growth and service, where present day inequalities in wealth an status have ceased to be, where our vital impulses are directed to creative and co-operative endeavour. In such an India communalism, separatism, isolation, untouchability, bigotry and exploitation of man by man have no place and While religion is free, it is not allowed to interfere with the political and economic aspects of a nation's life. If that is so, then all this business of Hindu, Muslims, Christian and Sikhs must cease in so for as our political life is concerned and we must build a united but composite nation where both individual and national freedom are its cure.


Inspite of miseries and sufferings India has been a vital nation. She has always been engaged in constructive efforts and conquered the hearts and minds in many parts of Asia and elsewhere by peaceful means. In the past she was always open to outside influence. Whenever her people adopted narrow outlook, the country suffered set-back. In the history of India as well as of the world, constructive and destructive forces play a major role in the destiny of a country. Therefore, the future leaders of the nation have to decide which course of life they wish to follow. They must be clear about national objectives. Indians are striving for democratic way of life where rights of freedom and equality axe supposed to exist. There need not be inequality in economic and social spheres. In such mode of life there is no place for communalism, fanaticism, exploitation and destructive religious forces.