Precis Writing on The Power of Enthusiasm

Make a precis of each of the following passages. The precis should be as far as possible in your own words. Suggest a suitable title also for your precis.

How many apparent defeats, Enthusiasm has transformed into victories ? It is one of the most vital elements in all successes, but in the sphere of religious activity its value cannot be overestimated. Nevertheless it must be admitted that enthusiasm is not something that can always be had merely for the asking.
In the first place, to be effective, enthusiasm must be genuine. Simulated enthusiasm is a weak, vapid thing that soon dies. People do not become enthusiastic merely by wanting to be. It is not something that can be thrust upon others at will. Nothing could be more ridiculous than for someone to rise before a large gathering and say, “ I move them all and they became enthusiastic ! ” Enthusiasm is not necessarily a noise or shouting or even feverish activity. These may be, and sometimes are, manifestations of its presence, but not necessarily so. Often, indeed, such symptoms are merely spurious imitations, and as far from the genuine articles as the counterfeit money from the real money. All genuine, lasting enthusiasm must be built upon knowledge. This is the true fountain from which it bubbles up, and nothing will take its place. People cannot be lastingly enthusiastic about that of which they know nothing.

The Power of Enthusiasm

Main points of the passage are to be noted down :
1. Enthusiasm has transformed many apparent defeats into victories.
2. It is the most vital element in all successes. But enthusiasm cannot be had for the asking.
3. Genuine enthusiasm is effective. Simulated enthusiasm is a dull and temporary thing. Enthusiasm cannot be forced upon others.
4. Genuine enthusiasm can be built upon knowledge alone. One cannot be enthusiastic about a thing for long unless one has complete knowledge of it.

The Power of Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is one of the most important elements to achieve successes and has turned many sure tumbling into victories. But in order to be effective and lasting, it must be genuine. Simulated enthusiasm dies soon. We should distinguish real from false enthusiasm which consists in noise, shouting or feverish activity. Genuine enthusiasm can be built upon knowledge alone. To be lastingly enthusiastic about a thing, the people should have complete knowledge of it.