Precis Writing on Popularity

Make a precis of each of the following passages. Suggest a suitable title also for your precis.

If by some magic, you could be granted ono quick wish, perhaps you might wish to be popular. Being popular means being liked by a lot of people instead of just a few close friends and that is a big order. All the same you, too can be well liked if you are willing to be on guard against the penis of popularity.
Let us consider some of these. You cannot be polite and friendly to some and not to others without the word getting around as to what kind of person you really are. When you are considering other people, take time to be friendly with the folks older than you are, your neighbours, teachers, parents and other relatives. If you treat them with respect, they are going to think of you as a likeable person, not as a good for nothing boy. And do not forget to be kind to e 'little kids' too. Again, you must think of others and consider their wishes. majority win, you know, and if you are out-voted in the discussion of what to do and where to go, remember that being a good spirit is another way to help your popularity. A good lover does not complain when the plans do not go his way. At some time, do not be afraid that you are risking your popularity to stand up for what you think is right. It takes courage to say so, and is appreciated.


Everyone wishes to be popular in life. But one should not hanker after popularity & sacrifice the truth one stands up for. Popularity means that one is liked by a majority of the people. Therefore, one should be friendly specially to one's teachers/neighbours, parents and children. It may help a person to earn name as an amiable person. The greater number of persons admire him, the more popular he is. However, one must cultivate a sportsman spirit & one must not complain if the response is sometimes cold. One must persist in being likeable to others.