Advantages of Linux

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Advantages of Linux

The main Advantages of Linux over other Operating system are follows:

» Open source

Linux is an Open source operating systems. You can easily get the source code for linux and edit it to develop your personal operating system. Today, Linux is widely used for both basic home and office uses. It is the main operating system used for high performance business and in web servers. Linux has made a high impact in this world.

» Low cost

There is no need to spend time and huge amount money to obtain licenses since Linux and much of it's software come with the GNU General Public License. There is no need to worry about any software's that you use in Linux.

» Stability

Linux has high stability compared with other operating systems. There is no need to reboot the Linux system to maintain performance levels. Rarely it freeze up or slow down. It has a continuous up-times of hundreds of days or more.

» Performance

Linux provides high performance on various networks. It has the ability to handle large numbers of users simultaneously.

» Flexibility

Linux is very flexible. Linux can be used for high performance server applications, desktop applications, and embedded systems. You can install only the needed components for a particular use. You can also restrict the use of specific computers.

» Compatibility

It runs all common Unix software packages and can process all common file formats.

» Security

Linux is one of the most secure operating systems. File ownership and permissions make linux more secure.

» Networking

Linux provides a strong support for network functionality; client and server systems can be easily set up on any computer running Linux. It can perform tasks like network backup more faster than other operating systems.

» Multitasking

Linux is a multitasking operating system. It can handle many things at the same time.

» Fast and easy installation

Linux distributions come with user-friendly installation.

» Better use of hard disk

Linux uses its resources well enough even when the hard disk is almost full.

» Wider Choice

There is a large number of Linux distributions which gives you a wider choice. Each organization develop and support different distribution. You can pick the one you like best; the core function's are the same.

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